fs-0400920A fs-0400927A fs-0401004 fs-0403617 fs-0403627 fs-0403629 fs-0403630 fs-0403633 fs-0403702A fs-0403704A

LP-Qual: "Gypsy Dance"

fs-0401111A fs-0401114A fs-0401115A fs-0401119A fs-0401120A fs-0401130A fs-0401131A

SP: "I'm A Doun"

fs-0403227 fs-0403229

LP: "Zabuca" / "Loving Paris"

fs-0405120 fs-0405201 fs-0405202 fs-0405204 fs-0405207
fs-0405210 fs-0405212 fs-0405219 fs-0405220 fs-0405224 fs-0405229 fs-0405230
fs-0405231 fs-0405233 fs-0405236

EX: "Objection"

fs-0408505 fs-0408508 fs-0408509 fs-0408514 fs-0408515
fs-0408526 fs-0408604A

Medal Ceremony / Banquet

fs-0408310A fs-0408311A fs-0408324A fs-0408325A

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