Photos are from the Raleigh, North Carolina stop of the 2000 Stars onn Ice tour on March 24th. Unlike my other pages, the photos here are not entirely divided by skater, but rather by program and/or skater. But given the overlap and numerous group skates these divisions are not absolute. (For example there are photos of Denis Petrov in the Tara "Genie" section).

Strobe's Nanafushi
Ilia, Kristi, Tara
Page 1

Kurt Browning
Raggy Page 1 Raggy Page 2 Raggy Page 3

Funky Page 1

La Valtz
Browning & Lipinski
Page 1

Kristi Yamaguchi
Bridge Page 1

Old Friends
Scott Hamilton Kurt Browning & Steven Cousins

Ilia Kulik
Blues Page 1 Baseball Page 1

Meno & Sand
Page 1

Bechke & Petrov
Page 1

Club AC
Raggy Steven Cousins Club AC Group

Scott Hamilton
Page 1

Roca & Sur
Page 1

Katia Gordeeva
Page 1

Tara Lipinski
Genie Page 1 Genie Page 2 American Page 1

Kulik & Gordeeva
Page 1

What A Wonderful World
Kurt, Tara, Bechke & Petrov, Cast
Page 1 Page 2

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