Champions on Ice 2001 was a short tour for the spring season. Photos below are mainly from the East Rutherford and Philadelphia shows but with a few from Washington DC as well. THe shows were April 6th to April 8th.

Todd Eldredge
Elvis Stojko
Brian Boitano
Evgeny Plushenko
Rudy Galindo
Dan Hollander
Michael Weiss
Viktor Petrenko
Timothy Goebel
Philippe Candeloro
Ina & Zimmerman
Brasseur & Eisler
Sale & Pelletier
Kazakova & Dmitriev
Besedin & Polishuk
Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze
Usova & Platov
Punsalan & Swallow
Lang & Tchernyshev
Irina Slutskaya
Nicole Bobek
Sasha Cohen
Michelle Kwan

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