fs-0109312 fs-0109313 fs-0109316 fs-0109318 fs-0109429 fs-0109431 fs-0109433 fs-0109602 fs-0109609

SP: "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

fs-0109819 fs-0109820 fs-0109823 fs-0109825 fs-0109826

LP-1: "Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini"

fs-0110222A fs-0110224A fs-0110227A fs-0110229A fs-0110232A fs-0110236A fs-0110237A

LP-2: "Variations On A Theme of Paganini"

fs-0110413 fs-0110414 fs-0110415 fs-0110416 fs-0110419 fs-0110421 fs-0110627 fs-0110628 fs-0110629 fs-0110630 fs-0110634 fs-0110635 fs-0110637

EX: "American Trilogy"

fs-0110811 fs-0110814 fs-0110817 fs-0110819 fs-0110820 fs-0110822 fs-0110823 fs-0110826 fs-0110827 fs-0110828 fs-0110829 fs-0110830

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