Opening: "Happy Holidays"

fs-0108503 fs-0108621

"Sir Duke"

fs-0108807 fs-0108808 fs-0108809 fs-0108815 fs-0108818 fs-0108822 fs-0108823 fs-0108824

"Somewhere In Time"

fs-0108532 fs-0108536 fs-0108602 fs-0109016 fs-0109031 fs-0109037

ENS: "Three Wise Men"


Finale: "Christmas Eve"

fs-0109129 fs-0109133 fs-0109201

ENS: "Santa Baby"
Santa = Jason Forbes
fs-0108513 fs-0108514 fs-0108515 fs-0108516 fs-0108519 fs-0108522 fs-0108523 fs-0108525 fs-0108527 fs-0108528 fs-0108530 fs-0108531 fs-0108902 fs-0108905 fs-0108910 fs-0108913 fs-0108919 fs-0108921 fs-0108922 fs-0108929 fs-0108931

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