fs-0105312 fs-0105322 fs-0105324 fs-0105325 fs-0105326 fs-0105328 fs-0105329 fs-0105428 fs-0105429 fs-0105504 fs-0105508 fs-0105510 fs-0105809 fs-0105812 fs-0105815 fs-0106201 fs-0106202 fs-0106204 fs-0106205 fs-0106208

SP: "Lion"

<fs-0105619 fs-0105621 fs-0105625 Br>
LP: "Dragon"

fs-0106428 fs-0106429 fs-0106432 fs-0106433 fs-0106435 fs-0106436 fs-0106507 fs-0106508 fs-0106531 fs-0106536

EX: ""

fs-0106708 fs-0106709 fs-0106710 fs-0106711 fs-0106713

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