Official and Fan Website Usage:
Photos may be used by fan sites and official sites free of charge provided that webmaster follows these six rules.
1. The site must not be profane, defamatory or insulting to the sport of figure skating. Humor or critique is allowed.
2. Download the image to your own webserver. DO NOT just link to the image on my website!
3. The filename must contain the ### part of my photo. Webmasters may add whatever additional information is required for their own organization system (ie. add initials, event name, etc.). So long as the ### part of my filename stays a part of the new file name.
   For example: My photo 0502024, may be used as orser0502024, ac-0502024, etc., so long as the 0502024 remains with the file.
4. Photos must be accompanied by: '© to Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski.' It must appear on the same page as my photos appear.
5. With the copyright notice there must be a link to
6. Lastly, send me an email at giving me the name and url of the website where you posted my photos. (There is no need to email me ahead of time for permission - so long as you follow these guidelines your use will be allowed.)

Other Computer Usage
1. Photos may not be uploaded to any mailing list, newgroup or other file storage system. Posting to bulliten boards (such as FSU) is allowable so long as proper copyright info is included.
2. Users may download the photos for use on their own home computers as wallpapers or screensavers.
3. Photos may *not* be packaged, traded, or sold to third parties in any manner.

Other Usage
1. A cd of photos are availble to skaters for a processing fee of $5.00 Skaters may purchase prints of any size and receive a 10% discount. Please be aware that I may ask for some form of validation to prove that you are who you profess to be if inquiring as to prints.
2. Fan clubs, newsletters, magazines and others may request copies of prints for their publications.

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